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Visit one of the most inviting multicultural Messianic congregations in Detroit and South-Eastern Michigan!

Exciting worship, teaching, & special events. Saturday Sabbath afternoon services, New Month and Biblical Feast Days. Torah lessons, music, Interactive Bible teaching, Oneg meals and more... No charge, no collection, everyone is warmly encouraged to attend any of our events! You will enjoy meeting our friendly assembly.

About Bet Yeshurun

Visit Us BYA Meeting at Restoration Ministries Church

We are a Hebraic Church (which is sometimes referred to as a Messianic Synagogue or Messianic Judaism) located in the north-central suburbs of Metro Detroit, Michigan, in the beautiful leafy city of Berkley. Our assembly extends a warm and sincere invitation for you to join us for services! We meet in a lovely church building with comfortable seating and full kitchen facilities. We hope that you will avail yourself of the opportunity to experience Biblically-based worship!

Service Times:
Saturday Sabbaths doors open at 1:30 pm
Wednesday Sabbaths doors open at 2 pm
Holydays: See our Feastdays page
Special Events: See our Newsletter page

Restoration Ministries Church,
1728 Stanford Road, Berkley, MI 48072
Phone: 248-850-3480

We are at the corner of Eleven Mile Road, one-quarter mile West of Woodward Avenue.

See a Google Map of our location on the "Contact Us" page link below:
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Ministry News

Our special services are listed on the Shofar and on the Holy Days page link here. Daily Reading Schedule 2024 linked here. New Saturday Sabbath series: Book of 1 Peter.

Our latest Shofar Newsletter, available in print or online, includes a new message on "A Commandment on Idolatry."

Why Biblical Worship?

A Biblical form of worship!

True believers should want to worship our Heavenly Father in the manner He has laid out in the Bible. Instead today, most houses of worship follow man-made rituals and spurn Scriptural worship and holy days. Messiah proclaimed a need to return to Scripturally-based worship: "But the hour cometh,when they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth; for the Father seeketh such to worship him." (John 4:23-24) At Bet Yeshurun we observe only the Biblical Sabbath and holy days commanded by Elohim! Learn more about Messianic worship and teachings:

Messianic Learning

Video: The Food Laws of Leviticus chapter 11

A wonderful and easy to understand study on the Biblical dietary laws, why and how they apply to us today.

This is a sample of the excellent Bible-based teaching that is central to our Saturday Sabbath worship services. We invite you to join us each week! (Click the bottom right of the box below for full screen.)


We have dozens of Bet Yeshurun video studies available for your learning enjoyment on our YouTube channel (click on our name below.) Click on the red link to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified of each new video as it is posted each week!

What We Do

Bet Yeshurun interactive worship service
Interactive form of worship

We have an interactive form of Hebraic gathering where we allow members and visitors to participate, if they so desire, in Scripture reading and discussions. This allows us all to benefit from the knowledge and views of many of those in attendance. Special events also enhance our worship and learning; see a picture gallery of some of our special events:

Picture Album
Bet Yeshurun Sukkot built for Feast of Tabernacles
We are feast-keepers!

A list of our scheduled feasts and fasts for this year is listed on our "Feastdays" web page. You are invited to attend and there is never any charge for you and your family and friends to participate. For more information on the Biblical basis of each Moedim or holyday, we have in-depth studies on each:


Bet Yeshurun Assembly newsletter The Shofar
Our Ministry Newsletter, "The Shofar"

Our Messianic News Blog, called "The Shofar" includes ministry news, inspirational articles, Calendar of Events and Scripture-reading cycle of interest to every believer. Read the latest issue on a variety of important subjects.

Shofar Newsletter