Hebrew priest blowing Shofar In Training

A Short Scripture Study On Child Training

And He said, “Come.” And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water, to go to Yahshuah. But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, “Adonai, save me.” (Matthew 14:29-30)


With the recent spell of hot weather, Diane and I spend a lot of time in the water with our 3½ year old daughter, Eliana. We’re training her on how to swim. Our first lesson was, “Don’t drink pool water!” Eliana sadly learned this the hard way with a stomach ache for not listening to her parents. She’s doing better on our next lesson, “Don’t be afraid of the water. Swim in it.”

Eliana is learning well. She puts an inflatable ring over her head, pushes it down to her belly, and wades happily into the pool. She squeals with delight as we pull her on the ring through the water. Kicking her feet and paddling her arms under water, Eliana’s off to a great start. Her initial fear of water is being replaced with growing confidence in it, especially when her dad stands next to her.

Matthew’s story (Matt. 14:22-33) reminds me of our efforts to train Eliana not to fear water but to swim in it. Peter obviously tried to “walk on water”, and not tread water like Eliana does. Yet, when Peter wobbled, he was pulled to safety, just like I pull Eliana from under the water when she slips through the ring. Her sputters and bewildered face surely must have mirrored Peter’s look as Yahshuah yanked him from the sea. While Eliana imitates her parents in learning to swim, Peter tried to imitate Yahshuah walking on water. I give credit to both of them; Peter for trying to follow in Yahshuah’s foot steps in walking on water, and Eliana for following her parents’ lead in swimming.

The story’s spiritual message tells me that success in any endeavor will require properly balanced faith and courage. So I can now enjoy my own turbulent times without fear. Accepting challenges eagerly will enable me to achieve amazing things. With faith and confidence I trust that my Father stands right beside me. Yahshuah’s presence will never let me go under. With the reach of His Holy Spirit I am pulled to safety.

Inspired from an article by Paul Fassano

Yah’s Secret Weapon:

Listen, O isles, unto me and hearken, you people from far! YHVH has called me from the womb. From the bowels of my mother, He has made mention of my name. He has made my mouth like a sharp sword. In the shadow of His hand, He has hid me and made me a polished shaft. In his quiver He has hid me and said unto me, “You are my servant, O Israel, in whom I will be glorified.” (Isaiah 49:1-3)

Isaiah’s message helps me picture Elohim as a warrior, who carefully prepares weapons for battle. I imagine how Yah sharpens, polishes, and then tucks His weapons out of sight until they are needed. Isaiah’s spiritual message is that Yah is preparing me to be His servant, who will be called upon to do His will at the proper time.

Even when I don’t realize it, Yah is honing me. My life is preparing me for how I might serve Elohim. For example, my physical suffering can deepen my compassion toward the suffering of others. Experiencing love enables me to be more generous to others. Getting angry may provoke me to seek justice for those being unfairly treated.


   No matter what is going on in my life at the moment, Yah is still calling me to serve others. Releasing myself into His will enables Yah to use me in sharing His love with my family, friends, neighbors and strangers. I just might be Yah’s secret weapon, hidden, ready for use.

Inspired from an article by Karla Manternach

An Evening Prayer:

Thank you Yah for another day! I know that Your Grace sustained me at every moment whether I was aware of it or not. As I reflect upon all that I experienced today, may Your Holy Spirit reveal when I acted according to Your Will and Your Word, and when I failed to do so and missed Your Mark and strayed from Your Way. Be merciful upon a humbled servant. Heal my faults. Strengthen my virtues to serve Your Son, Yahshuah on Your Kingdom Business when I awake tomorrow.

A Morning Prayer:

Gracious Elohim, thank you for another day! I gratefully accept Your Gift of Life. May I pause throughout this day, especially at mealtimes, to thank you for my nourishment and the time to enjoy it. May I seek Your Presence in all things, especially in others, whether they are my family, friends, neighbors or strangers, even my enemies. As I face any obligations that I hesitantly embrace, may I look with trust upon you that all things are working together for good through Your Love. These things I ask through Yahshuah ha Messiach, Amen.