Biblical Fast and Feastdays Schedule

Worshipping our Heavenly Father on His Appointed Holydays!

Bet Yeshurun Messianic Assembly keeps all of the Biblical Holydays commanded by the Divine Word. There is never any charge to attend. We invite you to join with us in worship! Learn about these days of Divine appointment on this page.

Bet Yeshurun Assembly

Moedim of YAHUAH

Bet Yeshurun Assembly (BYA) will host gatherings for Sabbaths (Exodus 20:8-11) and the following moedim (YAHUAH’s appointed times). Yah’s created heavenly signs (the sun, moon and stars) establish the dates (Genesis 1:14-19). BYA will also announce the times in our Shofar newsletter blog.

Bet Yeshurun Assembly
YAHUAH's Moedim (Appointed Times)
Gatherings to be held at 1728 Stanford, Berkley, Michigan 48072

March 20 – New Year/Rosh Hashanah**
March 31 – Barley Wave-sheaf Offering
April 2 – Passover/Pasach
April 3-9 – Unleavened Bread** (** for the first and last days only)
April 19 – New Month 2**
May 19 – New Month 3 & Shavuot**
June 18 – Yom Peguim/Leap Day; Assemble from 1-5pm
June 19 – New Month 4; Assemble from 3-7pm**
July 7 – Pentecost/Firstfruits of Wine; Assemble from 1-5pm at Metro Beach**
July 19 – New Month 5: Assemble from 1-5**
August 18 – New Month 6: Assemble (place & time TBD)**
August 25 – Pentecost/Firstfruits of Oil: Assemble (local & times TBD)**
September 17 – Yom Peguim/Leap Day: Assemble from 1-5pm
September 18 – New Month 7/FOT: Assemble from 3-7pm**
September 27 – Yom Kippur: Assemble from 3-Sunset**
October 2 – Sukkot: Assemble from 3-7pm**
October 3 – Sukkot: Assemble from 1-5pm
October 4 – Sukkot: Assemble from 1-5pm
October 5 – Sukkot: Assemble from 1-5pm
October 6 – Sukkot: Assemble from 3-7pm
October 7 – Sukkot Assemble from 1-5pm
October 8 – Sukkot Assemble from 1-5pm
October 9 – The Last Great Day: Assemble from 3-7pm**
October 18 – New Month 8: Assemble from 1-5pm**
November 17 – New Month 9: Assemble from 3-7pm**
December 17 – Yom Peguim/Leap Day: Assemble from 1-5pm
December 18 – New Month 10: Assemble from 3-7pm**
January 17 – New Month 11: Assemble from 1-5pm**
February 16 – New Month 12: Assemble from 3-7pm**
** = No Work Days mandated by YAH via Torah for us to assemble.


See our "Shofar" newsletter blog for more information!

Bet Yeshurun Video:
The Holy Days of Leviticus Chapter 23

Here is a recent illustrated series on the Divine Feastdays, as recorded at one of our Sabbath worship services.