Picture Album: The Garments of the High Priest

anointing the head with oil
Guest evangelist T'Challah Pinkard presented the dress of the High Priest of Biblical Israel. Each peice shown in progression tells of the great Spiritual truths that are revealed through these set apart garments.

The New Covenant application can be found in the passage of Ephesians chapter 6, verses 10 through 18, where Paul tells us of the garments, not of priestly duty, but of the faithful Christian Spiritual warrior who has accepted his role in the dual calling of the Son of David.

Here is the linen ephod, which is pure and white, reminding us of the righteousness of the saints.

The Belt of Truth: The Sash and Tunic

Messianic congregation worshipping at Bet Yeshurun Messianic Assembly
To the left is the Sash, the Old Covenant predecessor of the Belt of Truth which girds our loins and covers our Spiritual nakedness.

To the right is shown the Tunic and Sash as worn together.

Precious Stones: The Breastplate of Righteousness

Messianic worship Bet Yeshurun Messianic Assembly
To the left is shown the Breastplate of Righteousness described in both Ephesians chapter 6 and Isaiah chapter 59. The twelve precious stones represent the twelve tribes of Israel.

On the right is shown the full outfit.

Light and Truth: The Urim and Thumim

Pastor ObadiYah of Bet Yeshurun Messianic Assembly
The Urim and Thumim below left testify of the perfecting light of the Messiah, and the Hebrew names mean "light and truth".

Insignia of the King: The Shoulder Epaulets

Messianic worship Bet Yeshurun Messianic Assembly
On the left are the shoulder epaulets.

Summing up: The New Covenant in Biblical Typology

Messianic worship Bet Yeshurun Messianic Assembly
These wonderful truths are only fully comprehensible to those under the New Covenant, who understand the meaning of the wondrous types and shadows found in the Tenach (Old Testament) Scriptures.

Our Worship Service: What You Will Experience!

O' give thanks to YHVH. Call upon His name. Make known His deeds among the people. Sing to Him. Sing psalms to Him. Speak of all His wondrous works. (Psalm 105:1-2)

Other articles on this page discussed the name of Bet Yeshurun Assembly (BYA), its nature, authority, reputation, character and how BYA worships in spirit and truth as Yahushuah commands. This article further examines how the worship services of BYA are based upon scripture. Choose the button below to read about the format of our weekly Sabbath service!

Service Format

What We Believe


We believe in the One true Divine El of Israel, the Almighty Elohim of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. His name in Hebrew is YHWH, often written "Yahweh" or "Yahuah" and means the Everliving One.

The Bible

The Scriptures are the divine revelation and revealed Will of YHWH, focusing on His Son, Yahushuah (called in mainstream religion "Jesus Christ").

The Messiah

Yahushuah is the Son of our Heavenly Father (YHWH). He was the giver of Torah and is the fulfillment of Torah. He is the only way of salvation for mankind. (Acts. 4:12) See our list of Messianic prophecies.

The Holy Spirit

The Ruach ha'Kodesh, or Holy Spirit, has the essence, power, and mind of YHWH, and makes believers begotten children of the Kingdom of YAH.


Man has no hope for eternal life within himself. He is dependent upon the grace of the Savior and redeemer to be saved. This is done by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the mind and soul of man.

The Everlasting Kingdom

The Kingdom of Elohim is an everlasting kingdom based upon the Sovereignty of Yah as its King. The kingdom of Yah will eventually encompass the whole of creation. (Rom. 8:20-21; Rev. 5:13)

Divine Laws

Yah's laws are Spiritual, everlasting, merciful, righteous, and holy. The laws of Elohim are the true liberation of men upon the earth. We must live by every Word of Yah. (Luke 4:4) Yah's Divine law applies to us living today under the New and Better Covenant.

The Gospel

The duty of believers is to carry the Gospel message, or Good News, to all nations, kindreds, and tongues. This message consists of the truth of: a) Yahushuah's literal return to reign on this earth; b) the grace and justification of Yah; c) sanctification or holiness through His Word and Spirit. d) Yahushuah is the only Savior of mankind.